Alex Posmontier is a Philadelphia area based pianist with International performance experience and a growing list of studio credits as a session player, arranger, and producer.  

Alex’s strong background in classical and jazz has provided him with opportunities such as performing at the Montreux and Istanbul Jazz Festivals, as well as playing alongside notable musicians like Duane Eubanks and Chris Brubeck, among many other Philadelphia greats.

With a heavy gig schedule in 2017 and ‘18, Alex focused more on his recording chops; working on numerous compositions and studio projects. Besides session work for other musicians, Alex self produced his first 2 EPs, Coast to Coast and Bridges, and recorded piano for the Netflix Movie Candy Jar.  His original composition “IDT”, off of Coast to Coast, was even selected for the Philadelphia Real Book II (a collection of Jazz works by Philadelphia’s best musicians).

Besides growing in the studio, Alex’s last few years have also offered him a wide variety of playing experiences, increasing his repertoire to include numerous other styles of music (Top 40, Funk, R&B) making him an even more versatile player and professional.   

In 2016 Alex left his job as a web developer at Vanguard to pursue a career in music full time. His dedication to his craft and flexibility as a pianist make him a perfect fit for any scenario, and he’s ready to help you with your next gig or session.

If you're interested in hiring Alex as a performer or teacher, send him a message on the Contact page!